Speaker, “Perinatal Incarceration: Examining the Cogs in the System” North Carolina Sexual Health Conference. Cary, NC (2019).

Panelist, “Current Experiences with Social Justice” Health Equity and Social Justice Symposium: Then and Now. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2019). Discussing structural racism as a fundamental cause of health and health inequalities in Black Communities domestically and globally. The Current Experiences” panel discussed current experiences by social justice and health equity centered professionals from the classroom to the community.

Speaker, “Cogs in the Web of Causation: Examining the Social Determinants of Health and the Life Course Perspective” Preconception Peer Educator Training. Johnson C. Smith University (2019).

Panelist, “Community as Sanctuary” National Women's Studies Association; Baltimore, Maryland (2017)  This presentation emphasizes the importance of intentional, community-based spaces held for and by Black girls and women's wellbeing: the convergence of health and education disparities; and transformative self-care as a method for recovery from the shadows of second-class citizenship in an oppressive society.

Speaker, "How Public Health Can Engage, Unite & Activate Communities with Social Media” City MatCH; Webinar (2017) . Exploring the power of social media to create, unite, and mobilize communities to advance healthcare; illustrates how practitioners can leverage social media for health equity and by sharing best practices for creating strategies to authentically engage with consumers.

Speaker, "Walking in Armor: The Impact of Toxic Stress on Vulnerable Populations" (2017). The lecture educated participants on vulnerable populations in the country and in North Carolina; further, this lectured educated participants on historical policies that have disenfranchised specific groups; social determinants of health which exacerbate chronic stress and thus cause toxic effects on the body. Finally, this lecture challenged participants to examine unconscious (implicit) bias; and provided recommendations for practitioners serving vulnerable populations in North Carolina.


Speaker, “For Colored Girls Who Considered Lemonade When a Seat at the Table Is Enough” (2016).  The purpose of this lecture is to center and elevate African-American women’s experiences as reflected in the award wining albums “Lemonade” by Beyonce Knowles, “A Seat at the Table” by Solange and stories of women form biblical antiquity. The goal of the presentation was to help participants not feel alone and receive tools to thrive.

Trainer, “Recognizing the Value of Health Communications Marketing and Media” at NC Society for Public Health Education Annual Meeting; Hillsborough, NC (2016). The objectives of this presentation were for presenters to understand the value of health communications and marketing as an approach to health equity; understand how implications from social listening inform content strategy; understand the value of disseminating health communications via social media; and learn how to use popular popular social media platforms.